NadisoLab Balance TableBalance Table


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Body & Eye Shower This combine safety device can be used to flush contaminants from eyes, face, or entire body. Ideal for locations where lab, worker are subjected to harmful contaminants.

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Balance Table

Balance Table


Nadiso® Balance Table designed to delimitate and eliminate the vibration sources, the top table is made of phenolic / epoxy resin which covered by the marble slab to adsorb vibration down to 10 Hz.

Top Table

The low part of table is supported by ballast, the ballast in the low part table reduce the vibration from the floor by transferring the vibration to the upper part of table following the soft micro balanced procedure. The cover is made of 10 mm acrylic sheet with hanging area, enabling comforts in work, control on the dust flow, contaminants and humidity that must be considered


Body panel, door & drawer used 1.2 mm thick of cold-rolled steel sheet production. All the steel parts by pickling, phosphated treatment surface and coated by epoxy powder coating.

Product Code

: 8” NDS L-001M

Work Top

: Marble slab or granite as top table materials

Cover Box

: Made of polycarbonate thickness 10mm


: 900(L) x 750(W) x 800(H) mm or Custom


: < 500 kg