NadisoLab Waste Water Treatment SystemWaste Water Treatment System


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Scrubber Nadiso® serries Fume Scrubber are optimally designed to save space as well as provide excellent air pollution control for water soluble chemicals present in the laboratory fume hood exhaust

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Waste Water Treatment System

Waste Water Treatment System


Nadiso Compact IPAL (Waste Water Treatment Plant) is a pH adjustment system designed in a compact size skid-mounted like for neutralizing concentrated wastewater in laboratory applied.

During the waste depletion process in a treatment cycle, the system automatically switches to chemical reagents for further process of pH neutralization, active carbon adsorption and coagulation. Ultimately, the final treatment cycle resulting a neutralized waste which then will be discharge to the sewer.


Specification :

  1. Inlet pH range of pH <1 and pH >13
  2. 50 and 100 gallon batch system available
  3. Inlet temperature up to 160 F
  4. Double contained waste and chemical tanks
  5. Skid-mounted design, ready install
  6. Factory piped, wired and tested before shipment
  7. Outdoor and indoor installation
  8. UL- listed Control Panel
  9. pH probe in reaction Tank
  10. 100 gallon concentrated batch system with caustic addition
  11. Reaction tank heat exchanger, pump discharge
  12. 230 VAC control panel