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Nadiso ® Flammable/Acid Storage reduce fire risks, and improve productivity by storing flammable fuels and chemicals in code-compliant safety cabinets. Nadiso® cabinets are constructed of sturdy 1,2-m

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PT. KARYA NADISO UTAMA is a private company, specialized in laboratory furnishing and equipping. To built a modern laboratory, we serve you a "NADISO LABORATORY PROGRAM"
The common problem for laboratory Design are :

1. Space
to use it efficiently, both in industry and in the research fields. The choice of the technical furniture systems that exploit to the utmost the available space, is therefore becoming
more and more prerequisite. Space is a precious resource laboratory managers have

2. Flexibility
The speed at which operative protocols change to adequate themselves to the technological
evolution requires furniture systems that can be likewise modified to answer the space and supply needs of the instruments used.

3. Safety
The national and community laws demand to respect strict safety requirements for the protection of both
workers and working environment. The furniture system chosen and the fume hoods represent and important
element for the safety level qualification of a laboratory both as regards the materials use and as the technical solution chosen.

4. Financial Budgetary
When designing new laboratory, the technically aspect is not the one and only, the financial
calculation become one of the consideration to sometimes become one of the all important
matter in deciding whether the new building will be built or not.

5. Aesthetics

The laboratory is place in which technical staff spends a great deal of time. Beside it should be safe and functional,
a new way of life for the laboratory needs comfortable and pleasant for comfortable work. And it should offer
the best possible working conditions for the personnel and their instrument. The color separation and other
aesthetics material are the ones of choice to do it.

6. Cleaning and Maintenance
Hygenic regulations aimed at the personnel at production process safety demand the adoption of furniture systems
that aid and simplify the daily cleaning of the rooms. The good maintenance system both of the furniture and the equipment inside for long time will reduce time and costs

7. Work Station Customization
The specialization of the operators assigned to a specific process requires and adequate customization of their work
stations, so as to improve safety level and productivity. A well organized and modular furniture system enable adoption of the operative space to the single needs, making work more comfortable even in the use of the most cumbersome equipment. The benefit of good furniture system is reduction of the operator's strain, the risk of accident, and to increase productivity.