Compact WWTP

Secure Your Environment with Confidence with Our Compact Wastewater Treatment Plant!

Compact WWTP

Wastewater Treatment Plant (IPAL = Instalasi Pengelolahan Air Limbah / IPAL) is a pH adjustment system designed in a compact size skid-mounted like for neutralizing concentrated wastewater in laboratory applied. The system includes holding tank for storing both acidic and alkali waste, the waste then incrementally added to a reaction tank for the waste depletion process.

These systems are commonly used in various settings, including industrial facilities, remote locations, small communities, and commercial establishments, where a centralized sewage treatment infrastructure may not be feasible or cost-effective.

Efficient Contaminant Removal

Utilizing innovative methods, it is effectively eliminates pollutants from wastewater, assuring a complete effective purification process.

Pathogen Elimination for Public Health

With strong disinfection procedures to remove dangerous germs and pathogens from wastewater, protecting communities and the environment.

Compact Design, Maximum Safety

Is designed for optimal safety even with its compact size. Each part is carefully designed and efficiently optimized to deliver an accurate and safe solution.



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