Fume Hood Series

Breathe Confidence into Your Lab with Our High-Quality Fume Hoods!

Fume Hood Series

Made of steel and coated with epoxy powder. The Fume Hood is manufactured to optimally function delaminate and eliminate harmful and poison material with easy-to-maintain ducting system. Moreover, the Fume Hood using special features, the height and weight of sash can be adjusted accordingly while the hood itself is designed to support for all kind of activity in short-ceiling building and even using tempered glass-stronger than standard glass.

In addition, it also features customize functions: the top and front control can be customized under request and need of customer.

Compliance and Safety Assurance

Built to meet industry safety standards and strive to provide researchers handling harmful substances security with their ease.

User-Friendly Design

feature easy maintenance, ergonomic sliding operation, and user-friendly controls, rendering them safe and practical for researchers.

Advanced Ventilation Technology

Designed with innovative ventilation systems by rapidly removing harmful substances and ensuring constant airflow to secure the environment.



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