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Elevating Spaces, Embracing Journeys: Our Shared Milestones

As we embark on this exciting journey, we take great pride in sharing the remarkable milestones that have shaped our company’s evolution.


With a dedication to precision and safety, we ensure that our laboratory solutions meet the stringent criteria set by international benchmarks and local authorities, providing you with confidence in the reliability and credibility of our products and services.


Manufacturing Wooden Products Begin manufacturing wooden-based products


Rename Business Renaming the business into PT. Karya Nadiso Utama

Our journey has been a symphony of craftsmanship, creativity, and collaborative strides.


Manufacturing Metal Products Begin manufacturing metal-based products


Embarking Long-run Innovating Begin empowering R&D division


Developing Integrated System Introduce new system-based manufacturing products


Business Reflection Set to create the system with automation process

As we unfold the chapters of our story, we invite you to connect with the emotions woven into the fabric of our shared successes


Relocate our Factory Build our second factory

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