Advance Your Lab Organization with Our Pegboards!

PEGBOARD (front)

Is a specialized type of pegboard designed for use in laboratory settings. The primary purpose of pegboard is to provide an organized and customizable storage solution for laboratory equipment, tools, and accessories.

Our pegboard provide drying and storing spaces for laboratory glassware. The peg made of polypropylene to prevent corrosion with drainage stainless steel construction allowing easy maintenance, easy clean and portability. With 45° angle, it can accelerate the flow of the water, the 170 mm peg of length is compatible for all lab glassware drip tray.

Versatile Peg and Hook Compatibility

Optimise workflows by keeping stuff easily accessible. With a range of pegs, hooks, and accessories, you may experience flexibility.

Optimal Space Utilization

Keeping necessary equipment accessible while organizing worktops and benches is made possible by our space-saving Lab Pegboards.

Minimalist Design for a Professional Presence

With the modern and stylish Lab Pegboards, you may enhance the visual appeal of your laboratory and promotes the organized setting of the lab.



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