Nadiso® Air Shower are specialized enclosed antechambers which are incorporated as entryways of cleanrooms and other controlled environments to reduce particle contamination. Air showers utilize high-pressure, HEPA- or ULPA-filtered air to remove dust, fibrous lint and other contaminants from personnel or object surfaces.

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  1. Photoelectric sensor, automatic blowing
  2. Designed with circulation wind to ensure the cleanness of shower area under non shower status
  3. Double doors with electric interlock
  4. LCD Touch Screen display for blowing and lighting operation
  5. HEPA filter, Class 100 cleanness


Product Code NDS B1300  
External Size 1300(L) x 1000(W) x 2050(H) mm
Shower Area 800(L) x 890(W)x1930(H) mm
Material Specification Full Stainless Steel, 1.2 and 2.0 mm thickness
HEPA Filter 99,999 % efficiency at 0.3 um
Spraying Wind Speed 25 m/s
Air Shower Time 0 – 99 min (adjustable)
No of SS Nozzles 12
Fluorescent Lamp 20 Watt
Power Consumption 1000 W
Power Supply 220 V, 60 Hz