Nadiso® Pass Box is a cubicle box which has got interlocked doors located on both sides. This protects the controlled environment from being polluted while the transfer of a material is taking place inside. Pass boxes are the perfect tool for transporting items in and out of cleanrooms. These boxes are widely used in laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical and light-industrial environments. They not only offer full protection but also facilitate transportation of products.


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  1. Double doors with magnetic interlock
  2. LCD Touch Screen display for opening ang lighting operation
  3. Monitor of temperature, humidity, and air flow


Product Code NDS I600  
External Size 600(L) x 600(W) x 580(H) mm
Shower Area 500(L) x 500(W)x500(H) mm
Material Specification Full Stainless Steel, 1.2 and 2.0 mm thickness
Display LCD Touch Screen
Interlock Magnet interlock system
UV Lamp 30 Watt
HEPA Filter No
Clean Air Speed No
Fluorescent Lamp 20 Watt
Power Supply 220 V, 60 Hz