Designed to save space, Nadiso® Scrubber series provide excellent air pollution control for water soluble chemicals present in the laboratory fume hood exhaust.

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Nadiso® Scrubber features are :

  1. Excellent efficiency chemical removal
  2. Durable, the entire body of scrubber is made of corrosion resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coated with Fiber Reinforcement Plastic (FRP)
  3. Compact design for easy placement/ replacement
  4. Safety and concerns to environmental health and protection
  5. Respond to the rules set by Government on emission control and exhaust quality from the laboratory and industry


Product Code NDS M500 
Dimension 500(L) x 500(W) x 2000(H) mm
Material Specification PVC Sheet
Finishing  Fiber Reinforcement Plastic (FRP)
Set Scrubber System        
Material & Spray Angle Water & 2 sq feet per area
Water Delivery 1.11/min at 20 psc
Volume/Nozzle 1/8 in
Air Resistance/Pressure 2 in w.g
Main Body
Casing Material Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), Coated by Fibre Glass
Tank Dimension 500 x 500 x 400 mm
Sum Tank Capacity 40 Liter
1 Set Water Pump
Type (Built-in) Yes/No No
Discharge Head 21 m
Total Head 30 m
Maximum Flow Rate 32 liter/min
Maximum Flow Rate 0.37 KW/ 220V/ 50 Hz/ 1 Phase
1 Set Filter
Type Exchangeable
Material HDPE
Pressure Rating Nil
Efficiency 98%
1 Set Demister Filter
Material Japanese mat with material Polypropylene
Quantity 2
Size 203 mm
Thickness 30 mm
1 Lot PVC Piping 8″ Include Switch Magnet Contactor. Line piping Output & Input for Fume Hood System. Include civil work & installation