Safeguard Your Laboratory Environment with Our Scrubber!

Scrubber (front)

Also known as a laboratory fume scrubber or exhaust scrubber, is a piece of equipment used in laboratories to control and neutralize airborne contaminants, especially fumes and gases generated during various laboratory processes.

The Scrubber provides excellent air pollution control for water soluble chemicals present in the laboratory fume hood exhaust and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment by capturing, absorbing, neutralizing hazardous substances before they are released into the atmosphere.

Versatile Contaminant Control

A broad variety of pollutants, such as chemical fumes, and particulate matter, can be handled by our lab scrubber.

Low-Maintenance Design

Allows for hassle-free operation. With its long lifespan and solid design, the system reduces down and ensures a constant level of safety assurance.

Compliance with Safety Standards

Meet the safety requirements. You can trust the safety and effectiveness of our Lab Scrubber because it complies with industry norms.



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