Bench Series

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Bench Series

Workbenches, commonly referred to as lab benches, are essential parts of furniture used in laboratories that are intended to offer a stable and functional area for a range of scientific activities. Typically, these benches are utilized in a variety of scientific disciplines for research, experimenting, and study. To meet the varied requirements of laboratory work, lab benches are available in a variety of configurations.

All material cabinet body panel, door & drawer used 1.2 mm thick of cold-rolled steel sheet production, with H frame steel structure 60 x 40 x 1.7mm rectangular square steel tube.

Wall Bench Right

Chemical Resistance

Maintains the bench’s longevity and protects the work surface’s integrity when corrosive substances are present.


Typically built with a steel or metal frame. This structure allows the bench to survive intensive use without sacrificing performance over time.

Electric Outlets and Services

Facilitates the integration of lab equipment and instruments by providing easy access to power sources and data communication.



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