Hood Series

Heighten Your Laboratory Safety Standards with Our Hood!

FLEX H (front)

Designed to remove gasses, smokes, fumes, smells and dust particles providing high resistance against chemical and highly efficient suck the dangerous gas at utmost safety.

The primary function of a lab hood is to protect laboratory personnel from exposure to fumes, vapors, dust, or other airborne contaminants generated during experiments and provide a controlled workspace for conducting experiments and handling potentially hazardous materials.

Ease of Operation

Workers can operate the hoods effectively and concentrate on the task at hand due to the simple settings and adaptive functionality.

High Safety Compliance

Our hood series satisfy all current industrial requirements, giving lab workers a safe regulated environment.

Seamless Integration with Laboratory Setups

Fit into a variety of lab configurations with ease. It is a great addition to any workspace and able to offer safety without interfering with daily operations.



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