Laminar Air Flow

Elevate Quality and Safety Environment with Our Laminar Air Flow!

Laminar Air Flow

Designed to provide high efficiency protection on equipment and other contents of the work zone from particulates, particularly for applications that sensitive to a contaminant. Nadiso® Laminar Air Flow Clean Benches are available in vertical flow models, the model draw air from above the cabinet and passed through HEPA Filter.

Laminar air flow is a critical technology in settings where maintaining a sterile and controlled environment is essential for the success of experiments, research, and manufacturing processes.

High Filtration Technology

The high-performance HEPA filters supplied, assure any small airborne particulates are eliminated. Feel the air purity that outpaces industry standards.

Consistent Directional Flow

Savour the advantages of a controlled environment featuring a steady, one-way airflow to optimize by generating a continuous, particle-free work zone.

Exemplary Sterility

Designed to protect your valuable work by establishing and maintaining an aseptic surroundings.



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