Balance Table

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Balance Table

Designed to delimitate and eliminate the vibration sources, the top table is made of phenolic resin which covered by the marble slab to adsorb vibration down to 10 Hz The low part of table is supported by ballast, the ballast in the low part table reduce the vibration from the floor by transferring the vibration to the upper part of table following the soft micro balanced platform procedure.

The cover is made of 10 mm acrylic sheet with hanging area, enabling comforts in work, control on the dust flow, contaminants and humidity that must be considered

Precision-Centric Design

Designed with precision at the forefront, providing an ergonomic and stable platform that enhances the accuracy of your analytical instruments.

Vibration Dampening Technology

Engineered with advanced vibration dampening technology, allowing your analytical balances to deliver consistent and reliable results.

Safety Assurance

Built to meet the high safety standards, providing a secure environment for your valuable instruments and ensuring worry-free experimentation.



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